Five Benefits Of Living A Needs-Based Lifestyle

Photo Courtesy Jenny Williamson

Photo Courtesy Jenny Williamson

When we stop living our lives based on unrealistic wants and start focusing on our real needs, by default, our satisfaction goes up and our lives get simpler. No longer are we influenced by messages that can cloud our thinking and compete for our time and money. We’re able to isolate ourselves from the outside influences fighting for our resources and determine how we want to live our lives based on our personal values and priorities. I call it living a needs-based lifestyle.

There are five benefits of living a needs-based lifestyle. First, we make better decisions more quickly. Unrealistic wants have a tendency to cloud our thinking and allow basic needs to become unrealistic wants. By focusing directly on our real needs, it helps us identify unnecessary wants quickly and keeps our resources, both time and money, focused on our priorities.

Second, along this same line of thinking, focusing on our real needs improves our money-management skills. No longer will unrealistic wants influence our purchasing decisions. No longer will we be influenced by impulse-buying urges. By focusing our financial resources on our real needs, we’re able to set a realistic budget and stick to it. We’re able to save for a rainy day and not be caught off guard by unexpected expenses. Most importantly, by focusing on our real needs it allows us to manage our money more wisely and live within our means.

Third, just as focusing our financial resources on our real needs improves our money-management skills, focusing on our real needs also frees up more time to spend with those we really care about. Unrealistic wants have a tendency, just as it controls our money, to control our time. As one desire is satisfied, another one is created. As a result, we are never satisfied for long. Over time, we lose sight of what is really important when we use our resources to search for things that never bring us the satisfaction we are looking for. When this happens, we no longer control our time; unrealistic wants control it. By focusing our time on our real needs it allows us to find time for the more important people and activities in our lives.

Fourth, focusing on our real needs brings happiness to our lives. The influence of unrealistic wants convinces us that we need something better than what we have. When we chase unrealistic wants, we waste our resources looking for a greener pasture and quit enjoying the pasture we live in. By focusing our resources on our real needs it allows us to be happy wherever we are, and at every stop along the path to our destination.

Finally, focusing on our real needs allows us to be more patient. Like it or not, a good portion of our lives is spent waiting. We wait on an important telephone call. We wait in line at the store. We wait on the right job to fulfill our needs. We wait on a suitable partner to marry. We are constantly waiting on someone or something. Keeping our attention focused on our real needs allows us to stop worrying about the future and permits us to live in the present. It allows us to focus on the now and not worry about what may be around the next corner. Focusing on our real needs increases our patience and allows us to enjoy life as it should be, in the moment.

Focusing on our real needs not only makes our lives better, it also makes the world a better place to live. Consider this for a moment: what if everyone in the world lived their lives focused on their real needs? Think about the difference it would make in all our lives. For example, hunger in the world would be eradicated. Children would not go to bed hungry. People around the world would not hoard their food. We would only use what food we need, and share what’s left with the less fortunate.

Our cost of living would go down because there would be no reason for companies to charge exorbitant prices. Companies would only charge prices to make profits based on their real needs.

Disease would be eradicated in the world. Finding cures and developing medicines to treat the sick would not depend on the market viability of a product before it was manufactured and administered. The cure would be the driving force, not the profits.

Financial crises in the world would be eliminated. Everyone – including entire countries – would live within their means and not overextend their financial resources. Pork projects would be a thing of the past.

The family unit would be strengthened. People would have more time to spend with their loved ones and on the important things in their lives. Unrealistic wants would no longer cloud anyone’s thinking and we would all be able to focus on our real priorities.

Without a doubt, your life and the world would be a better place if everyone lived their lives focused on their real needs. Start right now refocusing your life to your real needs and reap the benefits of living a needs-based lifestyle. Who knows, over time you may even change the world!


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