Living Life With Purpose

Are you living life with purpose? If you’re like most people in our hectic society, you’re drowning in all the chaos. You’re treading water as fast as you can, barely keeping your head above the waterline.

Why do we live this way? Instead of living our lives with purpose and making a conscious effort to focus on the important things in our lives and eliminate all the things that don’t measure up, we keep moving as fast as we can trying to stuff everything we possibly can into our lives.

Once you make the commitment to focus on your priorities and reallocate your resources to support your priorities, your life is never the same. You live with purpose. Life is simpler. Real happiness – sustainable happiness – comes naturally.

Simple Life Publishing is passionate about helping people discover their purpose, simplify their lives, and find the sustaining happiness and success they desire.

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Seven Questions
Find the Joy of Living the Life God Intended for You to Live
Bobby G. Muse, Jr.

Twitter Image 150 x 239 70449667_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7659589Why are we here? I wish there was a test we could take that would tell us what God wants us to do with our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. To truly understand what God created us to do, we have to prayerfully focus on God and carefully examine our lives as He made us. When we embrace the unique tools God has given us and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we find our reason for living and we are able to focus on our priorities, simplify our lives, and live the lives God intended for us.

Seven Questions answers the questions central to understanding why God created you. These questions are designed to help you understand your unique purpose and find the joy of living the life God intended for you to live.



Live The Simple Life You Dream About
Finding Happiness Through Refocusing Your Priorities.
Bobby G. Muse, Jr.

Live The Simple Life You Dream About JPG Front Book Cover 12-6-2013Are you happy?  Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed about?  If you are like most people, you’re probably not overly excited about anything and don’t know why.  You’re stuck in a rut drifting aimlessly through life.

How can this happen?  It’s simple.  We live life haphazardly.  We never take the time or make the effort to define what happiness means to us.  We try this or that hoping that one day we land on the thing or things that will bring us happiness.  However, true happiness is almost impossible to find through trial and error.

True happiness comes through thoughtful evaluation of our lives by incorporating the things that give us happiness and meaning into the way we live our lives.  Clearly identifying our priorities and freeing up resources to be used on the things that are most important to us is essential to finding real happiness.

In his breakthrough book, Bobby G. Muse, Jr. leads us through the process of simplifying our lives.  By refocusing our priorities and our limited resources on the people, activities, and things that give our lives meaning, we can find the happiness we are seeking.



The Building Blocks of Success
Focus On the Fundamentals and Be Successful at Everything You Do.
Bobby G. Muse, Jr.

The Building Blocks of Success Book Cover with BoarderBeing successful at anything in life is not difficult.  In fact, it is scary how simple it can be when you fully understand what it takes to be successful.  When you break success down into its seven fundamental elements and begin to focus on the things that are really important to being successful, success comes naturally.

The potential for success is present within all of us.  Believe it or not, we developed all the tools needed to be successful in every aspect of our life growing up as children.  Regrettably, somewhere between childhood and adulthood many of us forget how to be successful.  We make reaching our potential much more difficult than it really is.  In the end, the biggest challenge we face in becoming successful is ourselves.

Simplicity is the key to everything in life.  Focusing on the fundamentals of success unclutters the process and simplifies your path.  The simpler anything is, the easier it is to achieve.  Focusing on the fundamentals is the key to being successful at everything you do.

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Simple Life Publishing is based in Louisville, Kentucky. We focus on helping people find their purpose, simplify their lives, and find happiness and success. May your life be filled with purpose, the tranquility of simple living, and the happiness and success you absolutely deserve!

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Through our books we share the personal struggles of our writers and secrets to living a more purposeful and simpler life.

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