Living The Simple Life

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Are you living life simply? If you’re like most people in our hectic society, you’re drowning in all the chaos. You’re treading water as fast as you can, barely keeping your head above the waterline.

Why do we live this way? Instead of living our lives with purpose and making a conscious effort to focus on the important things in our lives and eliminate all the things that don’t measure up, we keep moving as fast as we can trying to stuff everything we possibly can into our lives.

Once you make the commitment to focus on your priorities and reallocate your resources to support the important things in your life, your life is never the same. You live with purpose. Life is simpler. Real happiness – true happiness – comes naturally.

I started Simple Life Publishing because I am passionate about helping people discover their purpose, simplify their lives and find the happiness and success that is out there waiting for all of us. Since starting Simple Life Publishing, I’ve published two books The Building Blocks of Success and Live the Simple Life You Dream About and have a third book Purpose scheduled for release in the next few months. Through my books I share my personal struggles and secrets to living a more purposeful and simpler life.

Be sure to download my FREE report 101 Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life! It is a collection of ideas that have helped me over the years.

May your life be filled with purpose, the tranquility of simple living and the happiness and success you absolutely deserve!